The art of Development.

Putting the pieces together is enjoyable and rewarding. Whether it is a single purpose or multi-purpose development, it will interact with multiple modes and an environmental and regulatory permitting process. Understanding the process is important. The ability to articulate how project requirements meet regulatory requirements is more important. Not all technical teams have this ability. With D’Angelo Engineering & Development, success is in our ability to deliver that communication through the local and state approval process. We have successfully guided projects through the approval process in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine. Following is an example of projects where we are currently providing assistance.


65 Glenn Street. Lawrence, MA

As a founder of TEC, Inc. and partner in Kodiak Corporation, I led the acquisition and redevelopment of 27,500 sf of industrial space to serve as home for TEC, The Engineering Corporation, and Kodiak, allowing both firms to work collaboratively under one roof. This helped achieve a vision of engineers learning "constructability" first hand from contractors and constructors as well as better understanding design intent and permitting from engineers — improving the collective knowledge base to accelerate TEC's & Kodiak successes.

Glenn Street in Lawrence, MA

1211 Osgood Street. North Andover, MA

I developed and have owned and operated a 10,000 sf neighborhood retail & restaurant center in North Andover, MA for ten years.

1211 Osgood Street in North Andover, MA

Lee Circle Mobil. Lee, NH

Clean up and redevelopment was paramount for this 7.3 acre parcel at the intersection of Routes 4 & 125 in Lee, New Hampshire. I worked closely with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services on a clean up plan and with the state's Department of Transportation to define a redevelopment plan allowing for multiple pad reuse of the property.

Lee Circle Mobil in Lee, NH

Hawk Farm. Vasselboro, ME

A unique D'Angelo Development project includes the purchase of a 24 acre certified organic farm in Vassalboro, Maine in response to growing interest in locally sourced foods. I am proud to be an active part of the "farm to table" movement in Maine. Hawk Farm grows, processes, packs & distributes organic vegetables & grains direct to local restaurants, micro breweries and food hubs in Maine.

Hawk Farm in Vasselboro, ME

Historical Redevelopment

For the following three properties, I partnered with VHB principals to locate, permit and undertake historical redevelopment of buildings to serve as office space for our engineering firm.

101 Walnut Street, Watertown

Moved to 101 Walnut Street Building in Watertown, which involved the conversion of a former soda fountain manufacturing building to 99,500 sf of office space.

101 Walnut Street in Watertown, MA

101 Walnut Street in Watertown, MA

101 Walnut Street in Watertown, MA

Historical Redevelopment

60 Birmingham Parkway,
Boston MA

60 Birmingham Parkway in Boston MA

Historical Redevelopment of 1898 Roddy Building converting former union meeting hall to 27,500 sf of office space. Served as VHB headquarters building from 1984 thru 1988.

530 Broadway,
Providence RI

530 Broadway in Providence, RI

530 Broadway in Providence involved the historic, reconstruction of a former church residence to 17,500 sf of office space.